GSoC 2018 - First month status

Hi all, I am Chinmoy and I am working on the GSoC project Verifying signatures of pdf files. This is my very first post and in this I intend to inform about the progress I have made since May 14.

Now due to some unforeseen problems I had to deviate from my proposed timeline. Initially my plan was to implement all non-graphical components in the first half of coding period and in the later half implement the graphical components. But while coding RevisionManager (this would have enabled to view a signed version of document before an incremental update like Adobe Reader does) I ran into some issues while designing its API. So I postponed my work on RevisionManager and started working on the graphical components. So as a result I was able to add basic GUI support needed to verify signed PDF. The patches are listed in T8704. After applying every patch from the dependency stack of any differential the following changes can be observed :

  1. Okular shows a notification telling a signature form field is present. Signature Field Notification

  2. “Validate All Signatures” validates all signature and shows signature status. Signature Status

  3. “Show Forms” shows the form widget which is basically a rectangle. Signature Widget

  4. Clicking on widget validates that particular signature and shows signature status. Signature Summary

  5. A context menu is also available. Signature Menu

  6. Signature properties will be available only after verifying a signature. It can be accessed either from signature status dialog or context menu. Signature Property

Putting everything together: Signature Gif

As you can see the UI is crude and there’s LOT to be improved. So I would really appreciate any feedback on what to show and what not to.

You can build my okular clone and try out the changes on this PDF.

Thanks for reading :)

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