GSoC 2018 - Second month status

Hi Everyone,

I am working on the GSoC project Verifying signatures of pdf files and since the last blog post I have made number of improvements. They are listed below.

1. Signature Properties Dialog

This is an improved version with better layout and messages.

Signature Properties Dialog

2. Signature Panel

This is a sidebar widget in okular which will list all digital signatures present in a document. In future, I plan to add a context menu to allow verifying a single signature as well as all signatures at once and viewing the signed revision.

Signature Panel

3. Revision Viewer

This is a dialog similar to print preview dialog but instead of previewing what is about to be printed it loads the data covered by a signature in a read-only KPart. In its current state this dialog is pdf specific. This is problematic since okular is a universal document viewer. So I plan to make it a bit more generic.

Revision Viewer

4. API changes

Poppler does not provide any details of the signing certificate. So I’ve filed two bugs (107055 and 107056) with patches attached for the said task.

Things I dropped

Finally, the animation below sums up my progress.

Phase2 GIF

Thanks for reading :)

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